Internship Opportunity at Western Ridge Partners, Fall 2016

From a MilVet Alum: I am a Marine infantry veteran and CBS alumnus who, with a partner, raised an investor-backed fund to find a company to purchase and operate. My partner and I are looking for interns for the fall semester to assist us in sourcing and evaluating deals. This would be a good fit for anyone looking to get into banking, PE, venture capital, or entrepreneurship after graduation.

We’ve had our greatest success with Milvet interns as they tend to be more independent and mature over the general undergraduate population. We think this is a great opportunity to get resume experience and advice for those looking to enter the aforementioned industries. My partner worked in banking/PE before starting this company and can definitely offer a lot in the way of training and advice for recruiting. Our past Milvet interns have pretty good success at landing desirable internships after working with us. 

This is an unpaid internship and we are flexible on when you come, but we are looking for a minimum of 6 hours/week in no shorter than 3 hour blocks. We are located in the Financial District at 85 Broad Street.

Our website is Please contact me at if you are interested. Please provide your graduation year, branch of service, and recruiting interests in your e-mail.

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