Job Opportunities @GE

Posted by Fellow MilVet Trent Emeneker on 8/31/2016:

Job info: GE wants to hire veterans. If you’re interested and roughly fit into the criteria below, let me know. (There are waivers for everything).
– 3-12 years of military experience
– No more than 2 years separated from active service (exceptions made for people that are graduating with a Masters degree)
– 3.0 minimum undergraduate GPA
– Strong work ethic
– A cultural fit for GE, based on the GE Beliefs
– Warning in advance-I’m not in charge of hiring, do the requisite Google research before getting in touch with me, engineers preferred but not required (I’m not one), internships are available.

GE is trying to hire veterans of all ranks, branches of service, and MOS’s. As with all hiring anywhere, networking is the single most important criteria and tapping into the veteran network at GE is a great way to start


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